Gregory D Green

Mr. Green’s experience in the technology industry began in 1984, when he formed Tel-West a telecommunications provider of PBX’s, competitive access and a reseller of voice services. In 1995, Tel-West was acquired by NEXTLINK, a Craig McCaw owned organization, (now XO Communications, NASDAQ: XOXO) in which Green became President of NEXLINK Washington. In 1996 Green was part of the senior management team that took NEXLINK public raising $400,000,000 in the public markets. In 1998, after three years at the helm of NEXTLINK Washington, Green left NEXTLINK to begin a new venture - OneEighty Communications a Competitive Telecommunications Provider focusing on markets with populations less than 500,000. Six months after starting OneEighty Communications Avista Corporation (NYSE: AVA) bought majority interest in the company renaming it Avista Communications. Green remained with the Company as President and Chief Executive Officer until 2001 when Avista Corp elected to sell off its telecom division. That same year Green acquired certain CLEC markets from Avista Communications in the Northwest and further grew top and bottom line metrics and later sold the markets to Eschelon Telecom and OrbitCom. Today Mr. Green is the President of FatBeam a Competitive Access Carrier delivering high capacity fiber optic transport services and solutions to education, healthcare, government  and enterprise customers. FatBeams's solutions are designed to address customer needs in area's that have little or no access to fiber optic networks.

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